Work/Life Imbalance

I have so much to do in my every day life just being me, sometimes I can’t believe that I’ve actually consciously decided to add a husband and two kids to the mix #10hourworkday #istillhaveworktodoathome

Car Assholes

Every once in awhile I’m a car asshole. You know, the kind of person who doesn’t let you in when it’s clearly your turn, or the car that zooms in front of the bus/truck/van/large vehicle because I know that my little car can get by. Yeah that’s me. So if you see or experience a car asshole on your commute home, or if that’s you, throw a pound in the air for solidarity. Not always, cause I don’t want you to get carried away with it, just occasionally. You don’t want to be an asshole in real life, just sometimes :). Hey, getting these kids home for dinner, bath and bedtime is REAL. I gotta schedule we need to adhere to.


So I’m always late to everything. Today I was late to work, late to pick my kids up, I missed the breakfast hour at all the fast food spots so that was a fail. I want to say to people, “I swear, I’m not really like this, this only started happening since I got married and got worse when I had kids!” But I know no one would believe me nor would they care. He’ll, I wouldn’t. But for a Type A personality like myself, this drives me crazy. I want to be able to accept the fact that I’m always late, to accept this new part of early childhood woes and take it in stride. But it’s a work in progress…

Traffic jam

I decided to go out, for a much needed girls night out. I dropped my kids off and I told my mother in law that I would pick them up at 9p…it’s currently 9:47 and I’m still stuck in this parking garage…and I can’t call out because I have no service in the garage…and the car in front of me is chain smoking
#thingsididntaccountfor #itseverybodysairsir